"Players win games, teams win championships."
Bill Taylor (1929-2011)


Graham Clarke
Compliance and Training Manager

I joined Capital Tower in 1996, having previously worked with John (Doney) at Aviva (Norwich Union) in the early 1980's. Based on this experience, I had no hesitation in moving from Aviva to help John set up the compliance department at Capital Tower when the opportunity arose.

John and I share the same ethos about dealing with clients with honesty and integrity in a businesslike but friendly manner. Building a long term relationships with our clients is key to continuing to develop a successful and forward thinking business. In my view all the advisers and staff at Capital Tower share these values, which gives me comfort that they are all actively trying to achieve the best possible results for our clients at all times.

As well as ensuring that all the necessary regulatory requirements are met, the compliance role also involves undertaking research into subjects such as Economics, Taxation, Market Valuations/Movements and long term trends. This ongoing research helps to develop and improve the investment portfolio construction process, with the research often being shared with our clients through articles in our monthly Market Commentary magazine.

Outside of work my time is spent enjoying cinema, music concerts, eating out and travel/holidays with my wife and family. I enjoy sports (although not very actively!) and am a longtime supporter and season ticket holder at Norwich City Football Club.


We seek to achieve a fair reward for the work we do. We are not cheap, nor are we expensive, what we are is exceptional value for money.

We offer a brief initial consultation to new clients at no cost to them. Every fee package will be different depending upon the amount of work we do and the level of ongoing service provided. Be assured that written fee proposals will be provided in advance and will always be agreed with you beforehand.



To provide you with the right advice and guidance at the right time, in a friendly and efficient manner.